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"With compassion for others
we build - we fight
for peace with freedom!"

The 31st Naval Construction Battalion served during WW-II in the Pacific Theatre.  While attached to the 5th Marine Division, the men of the 31st, participated in the invasion of Japanese held Iwo Jima.   Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest battles of WW-II costing over 7,000 American lives.

This web page is dedicated to the men who served in the 31st Seabees.  They and their families now are part of the 31st Seabees Association.  The Association produces a newsletter and this website and members hold reunions where members and families can gather.

This page will always be under construction -- Seabees like things that way!

Please explore our pages and the links to this page and learn about the men of the 31st Seabees, their crucial role in WW-II, and learn about today's Seabees who continue the tradition of building and defending America.

Iwo Jima

Mr. Ken Harper an Army and Navy Veteran and perhaps the most dedicated individual on the planet to preserving the history of Iwo Jima has been in contact with the 31st Association and we will devote a significant part of this website to Mr. Harper's work on Iwo history. In the coming weeks we will add photos of the memorial on Mt. Suribachi that was built by the 31st Seabees and add some fascinating details about the dedication of this memorial, its preservation over the years since 1943, and also add some information on the memorial at the 5th Marine Division cemetery on Iwo. 

See our new Iwo Jima Page


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New Photos - 8/17/2012:   Lee Joseph (son of Joe Joseph - 98th NCB - transferred to 31st NBC on Dec 18th 1945 by signature of WCG Church).  Christmas 1945 and Sasebo Japan.  CLICK HERE


Searching for records of WW-II Seabees? We get many requests for information on fathers, grandfathers and brothers who were in the Navy or Seabees during WW-II.  Click here for some help in researching military records.



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Harry P. Cooper, Jr. (son of 31st Veteran Harry P. Cooper, Sr. and veteran of MCB-71 during Viet Nam era)
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