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This history is from Navy Seabee Historical Foundation


After activation at Davisville Oct. 9, 1942, the 31st NCB shipped out for Bermuda by way

of Norfolk Dec. 3 of that year. For the next ten months, the outfit worked on Bermuda,

returning home in October 1943. After 11 months in the States, during which time the 31st

was at Davisville and Hueneme, it shipped out to Hilo, Hawaii, arriving Oct. 8, 1944. The

Battalion was immediately attached to the Fifth Marine Division and from Dec. 24 to Jan.

7, the Battalion boarded various ships for transfer to target area. The Battalion went into

action at Iwo Jima with the Fifth Marine Division. After the island was secured, the 31st

was detached from the Marines and transferred over to the 41st Construction Regiment,

where it built the winding road to the top of Mt. Suribachi. At war's end, the 31st was still

on duty on that island. Following the surrender the Battalion was moved to Omura,


Below is the Battalion organization.  This document is in the collection of Lee Joseph, son of Joe Joseph the 31st Photographer after Iwo Jima


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