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Mr. Joe Joseph

Mr. Joesph's son Lee has contributed a number of photos from his father's collection.  Joe Joseph was transferred from the 98th NCB to the 31st NCB on Dec 18th 1945.  (see original transfer order here)

Starting in mid December 45 thru June 46, Ensign Joe Joseph was assigned numerous duties for 31st NCB - chief of which took the most of his time was to take over & run the regimental photo lab.
(The list of - his other 31st NCB duty assignments included - Photographic Officer, Permanent OOD,
Security Officer, Welfare & Officer's Mess Treasurer, Legal Officer, Ship's Service, Ordnance Officer, Postal Officer, Japanese Labor Officer & Building Construction Officer. 
His responsibilities included personally taking photos and he had an assistant named Dale (I'll check to see if I can find his last name) who also took photos, and of course Develop & print photos, etc. the 31st used "Press" type cameras that took a 4"x5" negative. Thus the 8x10 prints still have impressive details, and 4x5's are contact prints. Almost all prints or negatives I have from Joe were black and white. 
Joe's duties included to take photos of all of the construction projects of all of the battalions in the regiment during the Occupation -
I understand from 31st NCB official monthly reports that the photos were intended as part of the official documentation of the NCB records of the construction projects.
Records of the travel assignments that I have - Joe was sent to: Jan 23 1946 Yokosuka then to Ofuna, Back to Sasebo Jan 27th 46, then to Kyoto and Omura.


The regiment sent one truck of  men to Nagasaki in April 46 to record the construction there of the airfield, and other projects.

Ensign Joe Joseph - 31st Seabees Photographer

Christmas 1945 Contributed by Lee Joseph

Escorting Japanese workers, Sasebo, Japan

Sasebo Japan 1945

Caption on photo "Bombed Area Sasebo Japan"

Marine Observation Aircraft (Probably source of aerial photos of Sasebo)


Ensign Joe Joseph

31st Seabees in Japan


Airfield Work at Omura airfield Kyushu Island, Japan

31st NCB Officers in Japan

31st NCB Crew in Japan under Ens. Stothe P. Kezios

31st Photographer Dale (last name unknown)

31st NCB Officers.  CDR Walter Enger on left.