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Bombardment from air and sea weren't enough.
On February 19th Marines hit the beach, it was tough.
An island 4 miles long, native Japanese soil
Resisted our gallant, our intrepid our loyal.

Flame throwers, grenades, bullets, shells
With the gain of a yard many dying wails.
Noise without end, blood flowing deep
It would be many days before the respite of sleep.

A 17 year-old Navy Seabee was left on the sand
To make room on the boat for the injured at hand.
Over and over they came and they went.
He loaded the wounded and off they were sent.

That night on the beach all time became frozen.
Death became fact he saw bodies by dozens.
The compassion for his patriot friends
Would forever bring nightmares of war without end.

Day came and the young Seabee was called to fight.
He went with the Marines to do what was right.
Ocean, sand, lava, danger, enemy and pillbox-
He sighted a machine gun and jumped below to the rocks.

His squad all took cover and yelled, "are you OK?"
He didn't give answer or give his position away.
He lay there as dead 'till the enemy checked one by one.
He quickly shot each and the danger was gone.

The Marines blasted the cave and took the machine gun out.
His troop was now safe and they went back to their route.
They went up the west coast fighting each day.
They heard on day 5 the flag was raised for the USA!

Written January 19th 2005,
by Julie Williams
To Lewis B Thompson
60th Anniversary of the Battle for Iwo Jima

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