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Leon Mitchell

I am a Seabee's daughter and I am looking for information regarding my father's experience as a Seabee on Iwo. He landed on the 4th day of invasion attached to the 5th Marines. Deployed out of Hawaii as recreation department--baseball. Spent 7 weeks on Iwo. Have photos naming Capt. Needham and Buddy Griffith; others, Moe, Tom, George, and Paul.

His name is Leon Mitchell,82 (in 2004), (a leftie) and doesn't talk much but cries much when speaking of Iwo. Now lives in Tyler, TX. Can't remember his ship's name. Please contact if have any info that would help me get all the facts straight. He can't attend Iwo reunions because of bad memories of war. God Bless All of You! m.j.morris.fam@worldnet.att.net