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Finding Seabee Records

We get many requests for help in getting records of military service of Fathers, grandfathers, Uncles and Brothers who served in the Seabees or in the Navy during WW-II.  This page will provide links, ideas and tools that you can use to get some information.

Getting the person's record:   Military personnel records contain information about the units a member is assigned to, the dates of enlistment and discharge, records of dependents or next-of-kin and may also provide information about wounds or illnesses suffered during service.  This should be the first place you look as information about the exact military unit will be needed to go on to other records about where the unit was sent and what activities it participated in.

Records to find at your end: Discharge papers, old military ID card, old service #, or maybe just round up the person's SSN and date of birth and death if applicable. 

Getting the service record: Your first step is to then request a copy of the person's Military Service Record from the National Archives.  Click here for details:


Although it may take some weeks or months to get the record, it may contain a wealth of information about military assignments, training received, and any awards earned.

Getting the Unit History: There are a few sources of information on Seabee units during WW-II.  The quickest and easiest is to buy the unit history and 'Cruise Book' on CD-ROM from the Seabee Historical Foundation


For more detailed and official information about the specific unit, you can contact the Seabee Historian


You can contact the historian informally for some quick answers or you can submit a FOIA request.